Eryn Pablico is a natural born performer. True to her hometown, the Las Vegas native has always felt at ease in front of a crowd. From as early as 3 years old she was regularly regaling her large family with renditions of pop songs sung into a marker as a makeshift microphone. What started as a way to entertain her family, performance quickly became a full blown passion and blossomed into a career as a professional singer in Vegas at age 6.

Today, Eryn is 18 and still singing with just as much enthusiasm. Now, however, she has broadened her horizons as she carves out her own path as a singer songwriter. Drawing inspiration from modern day country and her own internal monologue, Eryn creates personal anthems that reflect her positive outlook and upbeat perspective. The performance aspect comes naturally from those years of performing professionally, but the more personal aspect of songwriting has become a whole new world of creativity to explore. “Getting to express your feelings through a melody is an unexplainable feeling,” Eryn says of songwriting.

These days, Eryn is focused on honing her skills as a budding lyricist and captivating audiences like she always has. She is currently working on her forthcoming debut release, spending time writing, recording and still getting on stage in between it all. Apart from music, Eryn has also enjoyed a career as a professional actor with credits that include Chicago P.D. and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Eryn’s debut album is set for release this year.